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Avoid your next health crisis by paying better attention to body-mind-spirit

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Welcome disbelievers and wanna know-it-alls - this FREE COURSE is all about physiology and a systematic approach to optimizing your human systems. ...warning... Focused awareness heightens sensation and may make you feel tingly all over!

This proven method will inevitably help you develop Intuition, by simply listening to the small signals already within you, and allowing them to speak with more distinctive voices and qualities. Once you've learned what to do, and how to traverse your BodyPlanet, you can try it for a few minutes, or as a 20-30 minute rejuvenation break - YOUR CHOICE!

Now you REALLY CAN be your own Patient Advocate and lead yourself on a healing path!

This module is the foundation for all learning in my Courses. It is being offered FREE of CHARGE to introduce you to Become Your Own Healer School. Many more Courses are in the works, so please use this first one as a Seed to plant your interest in evolving and rejuvenating on every level!

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Body Planet Weather Report -
a Guided Experience with Marci Javril

...is a self-paced, repeatable, progressive journey through your anatomy, to help you TRUST your INTUITION through the SCIENCE of Observation. Discover the quality of GUNAS ie: opposites, of all sensation experiences in all your systems (physical, electro-magnetic, spiritual, mental, emotional) so you can better self-evaluate, discriminate and monitor all aspects of your Health and Being.

Please read article about the GUNAs (download PDF) and take some time to reflect on them, as this will help you on your Guided Experience. Read the SCRIPT (download PDF) so you can follow along, or read it aloud to a friend.

MAIN COURSE CONTENT is a 30-minute VIDEO, with a short introduction of concepts, how to prepare & what to expect, and then a VoiceOver Guided Experience begins at 7:30, lasting appx 20 minutes.

You may choose to lengthen the time by pausing my voice in between instructions. Once you've been thru the entire VIDEO & heard the SCRIPT, you can repeat it anytime, just listen to the VoiceOver on its own, or pause or fast forward, and use it to shape your own Daily or Weekly Weather Reports.

This is an Awareness Relaxation Experience, like meditation, but with intention and micro-focus, on each cell of your body. Once focused attention is brought to each and every cell, true relaxation, total acceptance, and profound rejuvenation occurs. Unconscious thoughts will arise and bring insights into health related issues, that your "little mind chatter" has ignored.

Sink in, go deep, let go of preconceptions, allow your mind to imagine, ramble, and make things up! Saying that your Body is a metaphor for a Planet, means it has its own hills and valleys, rivers and forests, cities and swamps, days and nights. Imagine and mentalize, that your body is a perfect Theme Park, and all the nooks and crannies of your Being become revealed as you are guided through a specific trail that covers every body part, from top to toe, and from skin to guts.

It is a time to reflect and reveal your inner instincts of Knowing Who You Are. And what's going on. Drop into every cell. You will drift into an altered state of Theta brainwaves, where you may induct your own positive vision of health, success, or satisfaction of a goal. Your checklist will complete itself and your central nervous system will reset. Some may experience an ecstatic shiver, ripple, or "streaming energy". Others may simply fall deeply adrift or asleep.

Let the expansion begin! Namaste ~XO Vitality Marci

P.S. I've created a Private facebook group - BecomeYourOwnHealer School: conversations & insights - to allow students to chat directly with me and other students. You can also comment here with any questions. ~xomj

Your Instructor

Marci Javril
Marci Javril

Call for free consultation - 310-306-9838

Ms. Javril guides the everyday person with playful, practical and powerful interactive exercises for self-renewal. Learn life skills for longevity, including massage, yoga, movement, breath awareness, healthy eating, natural healing, and positivity.

Ms. Javril began teaching creative movement at age 14, has worked with all ages and levels, and has collected a vast repertoire of modalities over 5 decades. Marci served on the faculty of 12 professional massage schools, developing certificate programs in lymph, liver & colon detox, and post-op massage that therapists have implemented for themselves and for their clients.

After 22 years of teaching Certifications Courses in Lymphatic Drainage Massage known as Melting Touch Method© exclusively to health professionals, Marci now offers a hands-on self-care learning process easy to understand, simple to do, and gets great results. In 2013, she released her eBook on Amazon – Feel Like Yourself Again: heal & recover from injury surgery & illness – a compendium of her life’s work on this topic.

Ms. Javril is a life-long student of Integral Hatha Yoga with Gurudev Swami Satchidanda. Micro-movement studies in alternative healing with Emilie Conrad‘s Continuum Dance Meditation deepened her personal and psycho-emotional experience. Her Training in martial arts includes Tai Chu Chuan, Shorinji Karate, White Crane Qi Gong, Taoist & authentic Kriya Tntra Yoga practices. Apprenticing with Brazilian healer Fatima Abate in Bio-Energetics, Ms. Javril became an Ordained Spiritual Minister, and has refined her skills in the subtle world.

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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